Golf Club Ostravice takes part in official Czech Golf Federation competitions in the following levels:

  • 1st League Men
  • 2ndLeague Women
  • Regular children’sand youth tournaments 

During the 2018 season, GC Ostravice aims to work with the Head Pro on team and conditions improvement. With a strong club support, the individual teams will strive to advance to higher-level competitions. In the children’s categories, they will seek to expand the player base and to improve the CGF rankings of the individual players.

Right now, you have the unique opportunity to jump in at the beginning of the high-performance teams at Ostravice.

Sportovní golfSportovní golfSportovní golfSportovní golf

Are you interested in joining our competitive teams, supported by a strong club and top coaches? Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., nebo 725 920 160. 

  •  Bouillabaise
    Domestic bouillon with mussels, creatures and sea wolf served with homemade bread and saffron Rouille sauce
  •  Club sendwich
    with egg mayonnaise, chicken breast, bacon, juicy tomato and lettuce with fries
  •  Teryaki
    Pieces of sous-vide pork marinated in homemade teryaki sauce with sesame seeds and lettuce leaves
  •  Oyster
    Fresh oysters with finely chopped shallot or molecular lemon mousse