Rental prices for training and meeting rooms.

Conference facilities – (listed prices are without VAT) 
Conference room (95m2) – rent 3 hours 3 000 CZK
Conference room (95m2) – rent 6 hours 6 000 CZK
Conference room (95m2) – rent 24 hours 8 000 CZK
Seminar room (63m2) – rent 3 hours 1 500 CZK
Seminar room (63m2) – rent 6 hours 3 000 CZK
Seminar room (63m2) – rent 24 hours 5 000 CZK
Private Lounge (32m2) – rent 3 hours 800 CZK
Private Lounge (32m2) – rent 6 hours 1 500 CZK
Private Lounge (32m2) – rent 24 hours 2 500 CZK

Special offer

Is your group staying at the GREEN INN HOTEL**** during the week? The rental fee for the conference rooms and presentation equipment will be included in the price of the accommodation.  Is only part of your group staying here? We will provide a significant discount on the rental price of the conference facilities!


Price from 80 000 CZK
Golf course rental


Price from 900 CZK
Green fee/18 holes


Price od 2500 CZK / hour
Green fee/18 holes

Do not hesitate to contact us: Jan Kastner, +420 725 808 944, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  •  Bouillabaise
    Domestic bouillon with mussels, creatures and sea wolf served with homemade bread and saffron Rouille sauce
  •  Club sendwich
    with egg mayonnaise, chicken breast, bacon, juicy tomato and lettuce with fries
  •  Teryaki
    Pieces of sous-vide pork marinated in homemade teryaki sauce with sesame seeds and lettuce leaves
  •  Oyster
    Fresh oysters with finely chopped shallot or molecular lemon mousse