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The training centre in Ostravice offers space for golfers of all performance levels, from beginners to experienced players. The centre is comprised of generous facilities:

  1.  300m driving range
  2.  Putting green
  3.  Chipping green
  4.  Practice bunkers
  5.  Practice PAR 3 hole.

Our coaches will give you golf lessons and consult on all aspects of you golf game, using modern technology in the perfect environment for practising this wonderful game.

We have established the Ostravice Academy of Golf to help advanced golfers improve the weaknesses of their game and to help beginners form the right golfing habits. It is highly important that beginners practise with a qualified and experienced coach, because removing and correcting bad habits picked up from well-meaning friends or Youtube videos might prove to be more time-consuming and expensive compared with a couple of lessons with a coach right from the start.

Not everyone has the ambition to become a professional or a famous player. What you can achieve is the ability to use your full potential to really enjoy golf.

DRpravidlový čtvrtekGolf & Ski Resort Ostravice



  1. An ideally accessible environment for learning all of the practical and theoretical aspects of golf.
  2. We work hard on every aspect of the game, from your short game to your long one, from teaching a pre-swing routine to strategy definition — all resulting in improvement in your next round.
  3. We provide high quality training tools. Golf clubs, new driving balls, special golf mats, video analyses,
    a sheltered driving range — all are available to you.
  4. We use the most modern technologies for observing and measuring your performance and your progress.
  5. We are convinced that you’ll achieve the best results when your practice is as personal as possible.
  6. Our coaches will always be at hand…


  1. Individual lessons – 25 min., 50 min. and intensive 3-hour golf lessons.
  2. Training packages – short game, pitching, and bunkers (6 hours); or short game, putting, and chipping (6 hours), and other combinations.
  3. Lessons on the golf course – 3 or 9 holes with a coach to achieve better results in your game and teach several principals necessary for your game. The coaches will explain how to build a game plan, select the right club, form a new routine before each shot, and improve concentration.
  4. Three-day golf school – the regular golf academy, which offers nine hours of teaching over three days to cover all aspects of your golf game:
    • Long game (short irons, long irons, woods),
    • Short game (Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers),
    • Brief coverage of the rules of golf and a presentation on ethics,
    • Video analysis.

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